Dramatic scenes as crews working since Christmas Day against floods

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Fire Brigade and voluntary services across the west, south west and southern areas have been working around the clock to help those affected by #StormFrank and flood waters. In Cork, Middletown, Bandon and the City are worst affected while in County Kilkenny, a ‘street has transformed into a full flowing river’ as the River Duiske has burst its banks. Kerry has also been badly affected while crews in County Laois have been working since Christmas Day to help communities affected by the storms.

Kilkenny Thomasown
Main Street Graguenamanagh: (Pic: KCLR96FM Edward Hayden)

CORK: Cork City & County Fire Services have been working for more than 15 hours with a number of rescue operations taking place overnight. Cork City Fire Service responded to approximately 30 emergency calls overnight, while the County Fire Service also dealt with a high number of other emergencies.

Third Officer at Cork City Fire Service is Edward Buckley. He said fire crews have put in a very busy shift since last night. “We started getting calls from about 7.30pm last night from numerous parts of the city and then more severe calls came in. We took a woman and two children from a car in the Glanmire area that had become trapped as a result of the floods. Later on, three other people who were single occupants n cars were rescued”.

There was very severe flooding all over the city. People also became trapped in their cars in Blarney. Third Officer Buckley said additional crews were brought in and overtime rosters were implemented. Three people were rescued from a house in Middleton. The City fire service also attended calls in Ballinahasic, Ballygarvan, Blarney and other areas which are all outside the City fire service’s catchment area as the county fire service were so busy with other calls in other areas.

Cork Mallow
Middleton, Co. Cork

KERRY: Residents were being evacuated by Kerry Civil Defence and Gardai in Killarney. Overnight, dozens of sandbags were ebing filled and deployed to homes under threat from flooding. Motorists were also rescued from their cars in flood waters while many others were evacuated and rescued from their homes by Kerry Civil Defence and Kerry Fire & Rescue Service. Rescue operations were still ongoing up to 5am this morning.

Kerry County Council has said an Orange weather warning remains in place. Ger O’ Brien, Acting SEO at Kerry Co Co said roads across the county remain closed as excessive surface water remains a problem across the county. The severe weather warnings remain in place until later today.”


GALWAY: Salthill and areas close to the City were said to be worst affected. Gardai and Galway County Council closed off the roads leading to the Prom in Salthill last evening while other parts of Galway were also affected. Galway Civil defence and the defence Forces deployed sandbags and assisted with flood prevention and rescue operations throughout yesterday.

The Gort area is once again bearing the brunt of severe weather conditions which continue to batter the county this morning. Local gardaí say flooding in and around Gort is getting progressively worse, and is expected to deteriorate further in the coming days. Gardaí say water levels in the Dunkellin River at Craughwell are rising, and may cause problems in the next 48 hours. Flood ing has also occurred on the N66 Gort to Loughrea road on the Gort side of Fahy’s Cross, but the route remains passable.

Council crews also dealt with significant flooding in Kilcreevanty in Tuam overnight while conditions in Ballinasloe have improved.

Galway Civil Defence
(Pic: Galway Civil Defence)

LAOIS: Conditions in Mountmellick and Mountrath have improved, but only slightly. Laois County Council, Laois County Fire & Rescue Service and Laois Civil Defence have all been dealing with flood prevention and rescue calls since Christmas day clearing drains and roads and preparing sandbags for floods. The Local Authority was placed on ‘high alert’ on Christmas day and crews have been operational since.

Laois Civil Defence Sandbagging
(Pic: Laois Civil Defence)

Director of Services with Laois County Council Kieran Kehoe said ‘The western half was worst affected by flooding with the Ballyfin and Mountrath areas inundated with calls. Other areas affected were Mountmellick, Rathdowney, Durrow and Cullahill. Our fire crews and civil defence are still on alert and ready to go if needed again’.

Laois Fire and rescue Service
(Pic: Laois County Fire & Rescue Service)

KILKENNY: Dramatic pictures and videos taken by Edward Hayden of KCLR96FM  showed flood water rising down Graiguenamanagh’s main street last night. One eyewitness said the ‘street has transformed into a full flowing river’ as the River Duiske burst its banks. Kilkenny Fire Service responded quickly to help the dozens of residents and business owners affected by the quick floods. This morning there is about 3 foot of water across the main Square and main street in the town.

Kilkenny Fire garda Thomastown
Kilkenny Fire Service and Gardai close off a road. (Pic: KCLR96FM)

Last night, water gushed through businesses, one by one, and rescue crews worked to provide as much early assistance as possible. Many businesses are closed in the town. Local reporter with KCLR96Fm  Edward Hayden praised the quick acon of Kilkenny Fire Service. “Water was gushing out of  the doors and windows of businesses. Furniture, pallets, stock, cans of paint, everything was just floating down the street.  The fire brigade were quick to respond and were very active last night. They did a sterling job keeping everybody safe as well as working on the water and floods.”

Areas affected in Kilkenny are the picturesque village of Inisteogue, Goslingtown, Graguenamanagh, Thomastown and also Urlingford. The Defence Forces have been arriving in convoy to Thomastown to assist gardai, fire service and the civil defence this morning.

CARLOW: The Leighlin Road at Lanigan’s Lough is closed due to flooding. Rivers Barrow, Burren and the Slaney are said to be a high and severe level this morning. Carlow Fire & Rescue Service have been out dealing with floods in affected areas. The flood defences are holding but that may not last for too long, according to Alan O’ Reilly at CarlowWeather.com

Carlow FRS Twitter
Pic: Carlow Fire & Rescue Service Twitter: @CarlowFRS)

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