Dogs, drones and divers involved in multi agency missing persons search

Date Published : January 17th, 2021    Published By : admin

Searches continued today for a missing woman in Cork.

The woman was reported missing from the Fermoy area of Cork on Thursday.

Gardaí coordinated the search with assistance from local search and rescue teams.

Cork North Civil Defence tasked its boat crew and additional volunteers while drone teams from civil defence branches in Cork West and Tipperary were also tasked to the search.

Civil Defence Drone Pilot. Pic: Cork West Civil Defence

Fermoy gardaí requested assistance from Irish Search Dogs and Blackwater Sub Aqua unit while gardaí in Mitchestown alerted Mallow Search and Rescue Team to assist.

Pic: Blackwater Sub Aqua Team

Pic: Mallow Search and Rescue Team

Searches continues over the weekend and are scheduled to recommence tomorrow, Monday.

Search teams utilised drones, divers, boats, sonar scanning and foot searchers and a 6km stretch along the River Blackwater was also undertaken.

Pic: Irish Search Dogs.

Three dog teams are involved in the search along with divers and boat crews from Civil Defence, Blackwater Sub Aqua, Mallow Search and Rescue West Cork Underwater SAR.

Garda Dog Unit. Pic: Cork West Civil Defence

During the search, the civil defence reported some technical issues with a civil defence search laptop. A Technician from the Civil Defence College based in Roscrea, Co. Tipperary was reached to rectify the issue.

Search teams received refreshments from local service station ‘Amber Service Station’.

Pic: Cork North Civil Defence

A spokesperson for Blackwater Sub Aqua team posted on social media, “Today showed the great spirit in community volunteering with such a turn-out of professional volunteers from so many different agencies doing what they do best by helping in such times.”

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