DFB meets FDNY for special Centennial and Memorial events

Date Published : April 24th, 2016    Published By : admin

"This year’s events were held in memory of Robert and Ian which made it that bit more special".

A Special centennial celebratory Soccer and GAA match between Dublin Fire Brigade (DFB) and the Fire Department New York (FDNY) took place at the Iveagh Gardens in Dublin today, as part of Dublin Fire Brigade’s 1916 commemorations and also, in memory of two Dublin fire fighters.

By Declan Keogh
The event was organised by retired Station Officer Tadgh Fallon and serving Sub Officer Sennan Moylan and supported by DFB’s Sports & Social Club with their counterparts in New York. Traditionally, both brigades would meet each year, either in Ireland or New York, and hold a soccer and GAA football match with DFB v FDNY.

DFB and FDNY Teams
DFB and FDNY Teams (Pic: Courtesy DFB Sports & Social Club)

Two people who were staunch supporters of this tradition were firefighters Robert Kane and Ian McCormack, who both passed away last year.

Sub Officer Robert Kane was stationed at Kilbarrack (Delta 6) and was involved in St. Vincent’s GAA club while F.F. Ian McCormack was stationed at Dolphin’s Barn (Delta 2). In October last year, Ian became an honorary member of the FDNY.

Two trophies were commissioned especially for today’s events, in memory of the late fire fighters. The ‘Ian McCormack Memorial Trophy’ and the ‘Robert Kane Memorial Trophy’ were crafted by Marshall Sports Awards in Finglas. Declan Byrne at fire-ireland.com was also involved in the trophy design.

Trophys Memorial Two
Ian McCormack Memorial Trophy and Robert Kane Memorial Trophy

The first match was the GAA Football match led by Captains Conor Keegan (DFB) and Tommy McHugh (FDNY). Final score: DFB 0-16 v FDNY 2-2.

DFB Win. Cpt Conor Keegan accepts Robert Kane Memorial trophy
DFB Captain. Conor Keegan accepts Robert Kane Memorial Trophy
Pic (Courtesy DFB Sports & Social Club)

The soccer match resulted in a draw, led by team Captain’s Gareth Cooney (DFB) and Jason Hickey (FDNY) Final score DFB 3 v FDNY 3.

Soccer match FDNY Presented with Ian McCormack trophy.
FDNY Captain Jason Hickey accepts the Ian McCormack Memorial Trophy
Pic: (Courtesy DFB Sports & Social Club)

Simon Finglas of Dublin Fire Brigade’s Sports & Social Club spoke to Emergencytimes.com this evening and said today’s events were very important and that bit more special. “This year’s events were held in Ireland to coincide with the 1916 commemorations which is important to us, but also in memory of Robert and Ian which made it that bit more special”.

“We are delighted with the special commissioned trophy’s and I want to thank Joe from Marshall Sports Awards and Declan from fire-ireland.com for their help in crafting these beautiful trophies and we wish our friends from New York a safe trip home”.


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