Deputy Chief of Staff presents 45th Infantry Group with oversees medals

Date Published : October 18th, 2014    Published By : admin

Deputy Chief of Staff Operations (DCOS OPS) with the Irish Defence Forces Major General Ralph James has visited personnel of the 45th Infantry Group deployed to the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon as part of a two day visit to Lebanon.

Major General James received an operational brief on the current situation before presenting Irish personnel with overseas service medals. Major General James also laid a wreath at Tibnin Memorial to the forty seven Irish Defence Forces personnel who died in service with UNIFIL since it was first established in 1978.

DCOS OPS Laid wreath

Photo: Corporal Paul Millar / Defence Forces

Addressing Irish troops on parade Deputy Chief of Staff of the Defence Forces Major General Ralph James said “In an area that has suffered more than its fair share of violence, the Irish Defence Forces, on behalf of the Irish people, have stood steadfast as a beacon of light and hope to so many. So many lives have been improved by your presence. So many towns, villages and families have benefited from your diligence. This has not been without cost and our 47 comrades that gave their lives in the implementation of this mission remain forever in our thoughts. I am very happy to be here to witness the contribution being made by the Irish Defence Forces in South Lebanon. I thank you for your commitment to maintaining peace and stability in the region. You give all a justifiable reason to be proud of our Defence Forces and all they achieve."

Photo: Corporal Brian Doherty / Defence Forces

Photo: Corporal Paul Millar / Defence Forces
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