Defence Forces Memorial site should be a ‘No-Go’ for Pokémon Players

Date Published : August 28th, 2016    Published By : admin


PDFORRA is asking the developers of Pokémon Go to remove the National memorial of Ireland’s Defence Forces personnel from the game. The group which represents army personnel says the inclusion of Pokémon Go at the Defence Forces memorial site is ‘highly disrespectful’.

The app requires players to travel to real world locations in order to collect virtual monsters. Merrion Square has over ten Pokestops and has been flagged by gamers as an area where they can catch Pokémons.

The group said the memorial gardens is a place of reflection and have suggested that several other sites around Dublin could be used instead.

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PDFORA - Permanent Defence Force Other Ranks Representative Association General Secretary, Gerry Rooney described two ‘Pokestop’ areas where players can collect items and power-ups for the game as “disrespectful”.

“There are plenty of other sites around Dublin that could be used. This should be a place for quiet reflection on the sacrifices that have been made. It’s not a place for playing a game on your phone to catch Pokémon. It’s quite disrespectful for them to do this”.

The National Memorial is dedicated to the 87 members of the Defence Forces, Óglaigh na hÉireann, who died in the service of the state

The memorial garden is a place of contemplation and remembrance, where families, relatives and members of the public can reflect on the sacrifice our fallen comrades have made for Ireland.

A Defence Forces spokesperson said “any behaviour that interferes with the public’s contemplation is inappropriate and disrespectful.”




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