Defence Forces contribute to the German led Battle Group ISTAR

Date Published : March 16th, 2016    Published By : admin

The Defence Forces' contribution to the German led Battle Group is an ISTAR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Target, Acquisition, Reconnaissance) Task Force.

The ISTAR Task Force’s role is to covertly move ahead of the Group to gather information on both enemy forces and strategically important points of interest so that Commander’s can make well informed decisions.

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The Task Force convened on Kilworth, Co. Cork for their National Certification Exercise last week. The exercise, named ‘Terra Nova’, saw independent instructors assessing their skills and drills, ultimately ensuring that each and every soldier is suitably prepared for future deployments with the multi-national Battle Group force.

The ISTAR Task Force is comprised of a Mechanised Company drawn from the Infantry, Cavalry and Artillery, which is broken down into 3 elements, Close (Infantry), Medium (Cavalry) and Stand Off (Artillery) Recce elements. Assets at the disposal of the ISTAR Task Force are Mowag Armoured Cars, LTAVs (Light Tactical Armoured Vehicle), MUAV's (Miniature Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), snipers and Forward Observation Officers (FOO).

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Photos courtesy of Cpl Neville Coughlan.

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