COVID-19 Pandemic Response survey of Pre-Hospital First Responders being conducted

Date Published : May 4th, 2020    Published By : admin

A team of Professors, Doctors and an Advanced Paramedic are carrying researching the response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The survey is open to all pre-hospital first responders who work with any of the statutory, voluntary or private pre-hospital organisations in the Republic of Ireland.

It is hoped results of the survey will provide valuable insights into what has worked well and the challenges that have become evident during the current response phase. The study team are inviting people from various organisations who provide pre-hospital first responder to participate in this research.

The research team are Professor Caroline McMullan, Assistant Professor Gavin D. Browne, Dr Ann Largey and Advanced Paramedic Grainne O’ Shea, of DCU Business School.

Participation and completion of the survey is voluntary and should take approximately 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Once you submit your response, it cannot be withdrawn because tour answers are anonymous.

Due to the anonymity of each response and the nature of the data, it will not be destroyed after findings are published as it will be used as a baseline for future studies relating to emergency preparedness in Ireland. However, we stress that only our team will ever have access to this raw data, which will be stored on secure drives.

On Twitter, AP Grainne O’Shea @rescuegirlie tweeted ‘My survey is open to all pre-hospital first responders in Ireland. I want to capture your voice and your assessment of the response.”

A report of the overall findings of the study will be provided by Prof Caroline McMullan via later this year.

Confidentiality of information provided can only be protected within the limitations of the law, meaning data can be subject to subpoena, so to maintain anonymity, the research team will not ask for any identifying information, nor should you provide it in any open text box.

Anyone who has any queries regarding this research are asked to contact Prof Caroline McMullan at or if anyone has any concerns about this study and wish to contact an independent person, you are asked to contact The Secretary, Dublin City University Research Ethics Committee, c/o Research and Innovation Support, Dublin City University, Dublin 9. Tel 01-7008000, e-mail

This project received funding from the Dublin City University COVID-19 Research & Innovation Hub and the research team are thankful for your support.

Link to survey here 

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