Cork Airport Avenger – Fighting fires for the future

Date Published : August 20th, 2016    Published By : admin

Fire Officers and Fire Fighters at Cork Airport were celebrating a new addition to their fleet of fire appliances at Cork Airport with the arrival of the new Avenger – a state-of-the-art firefighting vehicle which benefits from a number of capabilities and applications.

The Avenger was purchased from Hawkes Fire in the UK.

960 CorK Airport Avenger Applaince
Cork Airport Avenger - Pic: (Courtesy Cork Airport Fire Service)

Prior to its arrival, Cork Airport Fire Service was using a Timoney 8x8 which is now due to retire and is being replaced with the Avenger. The new appliance will provide much faster response times and help tackle aircraft fire more effectively. The Avenger can reach 80km/h in just 34 seconds.

The appliance can carry a crew of four and with an upgraded off-road driving ability, high-spec firefighting systems, improved scene lighting system and capable of carrying all the necessary and enhanced equipment required by the fire crew, it part of a significant investment in the airport’s fire and rescue service and is also a continued commitment by Airport Fire Chiefs to remain at the forefront of safety, while also advancing on training.

960 CorK Airport Avenger
Cork Airport Fire Crew & Avenger - Pic: (Courtesy Cork Airport Fire Service)

Here are just some of the capabilities of the Avenger

  • Water capacity 10000 litres

  • Foam capacity 1200 litres

  • 160kg high-performance firefighting powder

  • Monnex dry powder 150 kg with the capability of dual application

  • Godiva pump with a monitor throw in excess of 75 metres

  • Improved vehicle markings and visibility for airfield operation

Prior to the introduction of the Avenger, fire fighters had to run separate hoses for delivery of powder and foam, but now, with the Avenger it has a hydro-chem unit which can produce powder and foam from one hose. It also has a cab-operated, roof-mounted hose which allows the driver spray water on a fire once the vehicle is in range. There are also seat-mounted breathing apparatuses inside the cab which allows firefighters fit on their BA while responding to an incident.

960 Cork Aprport CFO Jim Johnson and Crew with Avenger
Cork Airport CFO Jim Johnson with Fire Fighters - Pic: (Courtesy Cork Airport Fire Service)

Cork Airport recently unveiled the development of a hi-tech aircraft firefighting simulator at the airfield which will be instrumental in firefighting training on aircrafts. It provides a full mock-up of engine, undercarriage, or cabin fires, which can be sequenced to occur one after the other, or together, as they might in a real-life scenario.

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