Coast Guard S-92 not licensed to land at new national children’s hospital

Date Published : March 2nd, 2019    Published By : admin

An Irish Coast Guard Sikorsky S-92 will not be permitted to land on the elevated helipad at the new national children's hospital.

The Minister for Health, Simon Harris TD has said "The Sikorsky S-92 rescue helicopters are not licenced to land on helipads". Any coast guard helicopter transporting a patient to St. James campus, it will land at the Royal Hospital in Kilmainham and the patient will be transferred by ambulance. This is the current procedure in place. Mr. Harris told a committee meeting 'the majority of patient transfers to the existing three Dublin children's hospitals are completed by road.'

The Irish Air Corps AW139 MediVac helicopter which is licensed to land on an elevated helipad or the certified roof of a building will continue to do so. A ground helipad was refused due to the constrained flight paths and obstacle clearance required. In the UK, elevated helicopter landing pads are widespread.

'There will be an elevated helipad at the new children's hospital, which will have direct and rapid access to the critical care, theatre and emergency departments within the hospital' he said. The helipad was designed in close consultation with the National Ambulance Service Aeromedical Liaison Service, who is responsible for providing helicopter services to hospitals. The National Paediatric Hospital Development Board which is responsible for the building, has also consulted the Irish Aviation Authority and the Air Corps.



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