Civil Defence Play Pivotal role in building Picnic Pontoon

Date Published : September 3rd, 2016    Published By : admin

Events at Electric Picnic are going swimmingly for everyone, quite literally, as the festival organisers have included a ‘Swim in the Lake’ as part of this year’s facilities and who better to assist them in building a pontoon for the swim is the Civil Defence.

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The Lake at Stradbally hall which was out of bounds for festival goers for the past 13 years has been open and is available on certain times over the weekend.

LS CD Pontoon 3

Civil Defence volunteers from Laois, Carlow, Kerry and Dublin all worked together to build the pontoon platform for swimmers. Electric Picnic has confirmed that the lake will only be open at certain times, for certain groups and it insists the waters will be guarded at all times by Lifeguards.

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The organisers have stressed however that although Lifeguards teams are on duty at the lake, only competent swimmers should use the lake.

LS CD Pontoon

Laois Civil Defence Officer Liam Preston said there was great inter-county team work building the platform and he praised the volunteers from Laois, Dublin, Carlow and Kerry who worked late into the night on occasions to build the safety area for swimmers. #ElectricPicnic


Photos: Laois Civil Defence, Dublin Civil Defence and Damien Dollard

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