‘Chronic shortage’ of garda sergeants than necessary minimum

Date Published : April 1st, 2018    Published By : admin

The Association of Garda Sergeants and Inspectors held its annual conference in Carlow this week and have outlined their concerns about the lack of garda sergeants in the force.

AGSI General Secretary John Jacob warned of a ‘chronic shortage’ of garda sergeants which he says are 160 fewer than the necessary minimum. The association also said there are too many bodies overseeing the work of the gardaí which, the AGSI says, the message of reform is being lost because of so many of these overseeing bodies.

In response to delegates, Acting Garda Commissioner Donal Ó Cualáin said he shares their concern over the lack of sufficient supervisors in An Garda Siochána and added ‘the shortages were due to legacy issues, primarily the moratorium on recruitment and promotions. He added ‘this was a big risk for the organisation and hoped that the employment ceiling on the number of sergeants would be raised.’

(Acting Garda Commissioner Donal Ó Cualáin) Photo Emergency Times

The AGSI outlined the organisations which are responsible for overseeing the garda force; The Policing Authority, the Garda Ombudsman Commission, the Commission on the Future of Policing and also the Oireachtas Committee.

The association’s General Secretary said ‘there is little coordination between these bodies and some are doing the same job at a cost to the taxpayer. The message of reform is being lost and little change is being seen at the frontline with so many organisations involved.’

John Jacob says it is up to the Government to either rationalise or abolish any of the organisations but that one of them should be responsible for the delivery of change.

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