Changes to Irish Coast Guard VHF channels on the horizon

Date Published : September 1st, 2020    Published By : admin

The Irish Coast Guard is proposing changes to its VHF channels.

Amendments to transmitting frequencies are required to harmonise the VHF maritime mobile band internationally, and the Coast Guard is required to upgrade its radio equipment at various transmitting sites.

According to, the upgrades are expected to take place between Monday 5 October and mid-December, with dates for the channel changeovers yet to be confirmed. The affected remote sites are listed below:

Site Radio Call Sign Current Channel New Channel
Howth Hts Dublin Coast Guard CH 83 CH 03
Rosslare Hts Rosslare Coast Guard CH 23 CH 05
Mine Hd Hts Mine Head Coast Guard CH 83 CH 03
Cork Hts Cork Coast Guard CH 26 CH 02
Bantry Hts Bantry Coast Guard CH 23 CH 05
Valentia Hts Valentia Coast Guard CH 24 CH 62
Shannon Hts Shannon Coast Guard CH 28 CH 64
Belmullet Hts Belmullet Coast Guard CH 83 CH 63
Clifden Hts Clifden Coast Guard CH 26 CH 03
Malin Hd Hts Malin Head Coast Guard CH 23 CH 05
Scalp Mountain Malin Head Coast Guard CH 85 CH 01
Glen Hd Hts Glen Head Coast Guard CH 24 CH 03

The remaining sites of Carlingford, Wicklow, Mizen Head, Galway, Clew Bay, Donegal Bay, Galley Head, Lough Ree and Lough Derg will retain their currently assigned channel.

Howth Coast Guard. Pic: Declan Keogh / Emergency Times

Channel 16 will not be affected by the changes and C16 will remain available at each remote site for distress, safety and calling while Channel 67 is also available when required but may not always be monitored.

The Irish Coast Guard intends to inform the public on the progress of the upgrade works via social media and Department of Transport website and by broadcasting on the channel that will be changing in the days leading up to the switchover.


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