Cavan GP says frontline workers are worn out and exausted

Date Published : October 14th, 2020    Published By : admin

Cavan has the highest rate of Covid-19 cases at the moment with 128 cases out of 1095 nationally.

41 cases were recorded up to 5pm this evening.

Dr. Dara Hume, a local GP in Cavan town said the strain is heavy and showing among healthcare and frontline workers in the county, they are exhausted.

Speaking to RTÉ’s Six One News, Dr. Hume said “Life is very difficult. Healthcare workers, frontline workers are exhausted, emotionally, physically, mentally and by frontline workers I don’t just mean GP,’s or nurses, I mean general practice receptionists and secretaries, managers, firefighters, gardaí, paramedics, hospital staff and retail staff & shop assistants. They’re all exhausted and we know what’s coming but we have to bundle up the energy and keep going, but that’s what we do, we’re good at this but we need the public to come with us.”

Dr Hume said everyone needs to fight this pandemic together and has appealed for everyone to pull together and work together as opposed to going against each other, to get through this and she said there is a tough battle ahead of us.

“Already being wrecked from going into the pandemic, and knowing what’s coming at us, everybody has to muster the energy to keep going to get through this coming winter. We’ve a tough battle ahead of us.”

Recent large celebrations locally and small numbers from secondary school and college students who travel back home are being blamed for the recent spike in covid numbers in Cavan town. People not adhering to the public health guidelines is a big factor in that too.

Dr. Hume also said people on the border counties are more nervous and feeling anxious about current trends in Covid-19. “We have lots of people working in the north, living in the south, work in the south, live in the north and Cavan has been synonymous with cross-border initiatives and with public communities working together so it is very worrying.”

Dr. Dara Hume said she understands the concerns of people in the business sector, but fears what’s coming ahead now and said most healthcare and frontline workers have been living at practically level 4 if not, level 5 since March to try and keep Covid out of their practices and she said it’s tough on everyone.

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