Calls for communities to respect fire crews at Halloween

Date Published : October 29th, 2017    Published By : admin

On one of the busiest weekends of the year for the Fire Service, lives have been put at risk when a fire tender was taken ‘off the run’ due to criminal damage.

A side window of a fire tender from Dublin Fire Brigade’s North Strand station was damaged this weekend while the crew were responding to a fire call.

The fire appliance was taken off-call for a number of hours until the vehicle was repaired.

960 2017 DFB Fire engine damage
Pic: (Dublin Fire Brigade via Twitter @DubFireBrigade)

Dublin Fire Brigade has appealed to the public to allow their firefighters and paramedics to do their jobs safely. In a statement on their social media pages, DFB said ‘We want everyone to enjoy Halloween and have fun but sometimes we have to extinguish fires if they are a hazard or smoke is drifting towards homes. Please let our firefighter/paramedics do their job safely, thanks.’

Many community groups and councillors have condemned this latest attack on our emergency services. Dublin City Councillor Christy Burke appealed for the public to respect the men and women of Dublin Fire Brigade in their line of duty.

Halloween Emergency Times

In a video posted on Cllr Christy Burke’s Facebook page, he said: ‘Dublin Fire Brigade will be on call as well as other services of the state so let’s all respect these services, let’s all respect our communities and let’s hope that everybody has a great Halloween and that they go off without any incidents or harm and without any injuries whatsoever.’

Cllr Christy Burke
Pic: Cllr Christy Burke (Photo: Declan Keogh / emergencytimes)

‘The men and women of Dublin Fire Brigade go out to save lives and help communities.  I also comment the medical teams who will be on standby in hospitals in the event of any type of injuries. I would appeal to everybody to please respect Dublin Fire Brigade when in their line of duty.’

Councillor Burke, speaking outside a Dublin fire station said Halloween is meant to be and should be a joyful and happy time for everybody, particularly for young people and he commended all the community groups who have come together to organise and supervise carnivals over the Halloween period. ‘I also hope and pray that there will be no injuries to anybody throughout the next couple of days.’

960 DFB Fire tender and ambulance
Pic: (Dublin Fire Brigade via Twitter @DubFireBrigade)

Fire Crews in stations across Ireland are gearing themselves up for their busiest night of the year. If you are out this Halloween, please stay safe and don’t put firefighters or others at risk.

Bonfire Safety information available here

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