Almost 100 new police officers joined Greater Manchester Police this week.

Date Published : May 22nd, 2020    Published By : admin

Almost 100 new police officers have joined Greater Manchester Police this week.

The additional officers are part of the UK Government’s commitment to expand police force officer numbers over the next three years.

The new officers will be initially assigned to assist officers and frontline workers helping to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

The new 94 new police officers bring the number of officers at Greater Manchester Police to 6,919 but it still short of 253 to bring it up to the initial target.

The UK Government have given a commitment to compliment police numbers across England and Wales, with an additional 20,000 new officers by the first quarter of 2023.

In the first half of the government’s programme, 3,005 new officers joined the police across 43 forces, which shows the target of 6,000 may be reached by March 2021.

Chairman of the National Police Chiefs Council Martin Hewitt said, “our organisation is working with the Home Office to keep recruitment going despite the challenges posed by the pandemic.”

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