AGSI campaign to #VaccinateGardai

Date Published : March 29th, 2021    Published By : admin

The Association of Garda Sergeants and Inspectors has launched a campaign to highlight the high-risk environment members are operating in during COVID-19.

#VaccinateGardai shares personal stories of AGSI members daily on its Twitter account @AGSI_Ireland and followers are asked to Retweet their #VaccinateGardai Tweets.

Members of the Irish Defence Forces, Dublin Fire Brigade and Local Authority Retained Fire Services are among frontline staff who have already been vaccinated or are currently in the process of receiving vaccinations while members of An Garda Síochána have not yet been vaccinated, despite gardaí being at the forefront of the frontline.

The AGSI has called on Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly to fully acknowledge the full role that An Garda Síochána must play in mandatory hotel quarantining. The AGSI has called on Minister Donnelly to immediately arrange vaccinations for those members involved in that duty and across the organisation generally.

General Secretary, Antoinette Cunningham says, “This leaves our members exposed in a high-risk environment where there is a serious risk to their health and safety and that is unfair and not good enough.

Speaking on Morning Ireland on RTÉ Radio 1, Ms Cunningham said “Yesterday’s events at the Crowne Plaza Hotel have proven that when an issue arises with mandatory hotel quarantining An Garda Síochána must be involved as it falls on us to enforce non-compliance with the health regulations. “We have consistently stated that the policing of COVID-19 is becoming more challenging and more dangerous for our members given the high-risk job they do, and in the absence of any vaccination plan for our members.”

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