3 electric vehicles added to Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service

Date Published : May 7th, 2019    Published By : admin

Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service has recently added three new, all electric vehicles to its fleet. The three vehicles will be based at Ascot Drive, Kingsway and Nottingham Road Community Fire Stations, to support Community Safety activities.

Group Manager Sean Wells said: “The introduction of these three, all electric vehicles will contribute to reducing vehicle emissions and to demonstrate our commitment to improving air quality, as we continue to work with our colleagues from Derby City Council to address roadside NO2 issues in the city and making Derbyshire Safer Together. We were able to apply for charging point installation funding from the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV), which was encouraging the installation of these facilities on public sector estates.

Verna Bayliss, Acting Director of Planning and Transportation, Derby City Council said: "We are delighted that Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service have invested in adding these electric vehicles to its fleet, which fully supports the Council's commitment to reducing roadside emissions, and improving air quality within our City."

960 Derbyshire electric Vehciles
Photo: (Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service)

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