100,000 people expected at Bray Air Display

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Ireland's biggest air display festival takes place this weekend in Bray, Co. Wicklow.

More than 100,000 people are expected to travel to the east coast town seafront to see spectacular displays by Irish and international aviation performers. Emergency and voluntary services will be out in force at the two day event.

In its 12th year, the Bray Air Display has developed into Ireland’s biggest air festival over the weekend. The air festival will feature over 40 aircraft with 12 jets, 50 support crew and an army of volunteers.

Bray Air Display Garda Emergency Times
(Photo: Declan Keogh / Emergency Times)

The Bray Air Display kicked off at 12 noon today, Saturday with 13 acts performing today and a further 5 acts tomorrow.

Acts set to perform on Saturday are the Royal Jordanian Falcons, The Catalina, Irish Air Corps, Swedish Air Force, British Spitfire, The Black Knights, The Strikemasters, Norwegian MIG & Vampires, The Fireflies, The Ravens, Irish Coast Guard search and rescue demonstration, Aer Lingus DC-3 and the Irish Parachute Club.

The additional five acts scheduled to fly tomorrow are an F-18 jet, Patrouille Tranchant, The Blades, Irish Historic Flight Foundation, and Aer Lingus A321 passenger aircraft.

Bray Air Display Emergency Times 2
(Photo: Declan Keogh / Emergency Times)

Several bodies and services are all involved in the event management of this event, which is renowned as one of Europe’s best air displays and earlier this year, the event was recognised as the ‘Best Festival/Event’ experience at the Irish Tourism Industry Awards.

The Irish Aviation Authority, Wicklow County Council and An Garda Síochána have key roles in this air festival, which is managed by Bray Summerfest.

The Defence Forces, Irish Air Corps, Wicklow Fire Service, Order of Malta and Wicklow Civil Defence will all play active, operational and promotional roles at the Bray Air Display festival over the weekend.

Bray Air Display OMAC Wicklow
File Photo: Bray Air Show 2015 (Photo: Declan Keogh / Emergency Times)

The Order of Malta will provide first aid cover with first aid posts and ambulances dotted along the seafront. Foot crews will also be patrolling areas throughout the event.

OMAC First Aid Post locations are:

  1. Corner of Quinnsborough road / Strand road (Platform Pizza)

  2. Strand Road (Opposite National Sealife

  3. Strand Road playground

  4. Strand Road (Boathouse Coffee dock)

Bray Air Display Emergency Times WWCD Briefing
File Photo 2015 Bay Air Show: (Pic: Commander Gerry Keogh briefing Wicklow Civil Defence on site)
(Photo: Declan Keogh / Emergency Times)

Wicklow Civil Defence will have crews on the water, on the ground and in the Communications Unit. Wicklow Civil Defence Commander Gerry Keogh delivered two safety and operational briefings earlier this week to volunteers from the Marine and Communications units. Wicklow Civil Defence will also promote and showcase the role of the civil defence and the resources available to Wicklow Civil Defence.

Wicklow Fire Service will be in attendance providing fire prevention and fire safety advice to visitors while also providing fire cover in the event of a major or serious incident occurring.

Bray Air Display Defence Forces
(File Photo 2015 Bray Air Display) (Photo: Declan Keogh / Emergency Times)

The Defence Forces, Irish Air Corps and Irish Naval Service will showcase their artillery and services which are expected to attract huge interest once again this year.

Organising such a large spectacular event in Bray is in itself a mammoth task.  Running and hosting the event on the day brings its own additional challenges from crowd control and management, to the provision of access services.

Speaking ahead of the Bray Air Display, Wicklow County Council’s Chief Executive Bryan Doyle said it is truly fantastic to see such superb and world-renowned acts such as the Red Arrows and the Frecce Tricolori participating. “The attendance of these world-famous acts is testament to how highly regarded Bray Air Display is held in aviation and related circles”.

Bray Air Display IRCG
(Photo: Declan Keogh / Emergency Times)

“Ensuring adequate catering, parking and other support services are all in place have to be addressed; all the while ensuring that the public’s air display experience is not impacted.  The smooth running of Bray Air Display, the high operational standard, the focus on crowd safety and the maintenance of crowd interest all help us to provide a memorable, safe experience for visitors to Bray on the day”.

Mr. Doyle acknowledged the Irish Aviation Authority’s considerable support in 2017 for Bray Air Display.  “We look forward to continuing with the Bray Air Display for years to come and thank the numerous contributions and endless efforts given to the event, beforehand, on the day and afterwards by Bray Summerfest Volunteers, An Garda Síochána, Wicklow Civil Defence, Wicklow Fire Service, Bray Municipal District staff, Order of Malta and Sé Pardy and his team”.

WWCD Comms Unit CDO Michael Richardson Pic WWCD
Pic: (Wicklow Civil Defence Officer Michael Richardson in the Comms Unit)
Photo: (Wicklow Civil Defence)

The Bray Air Display is managed by Bray Summerfest and one of the key organisers of that is Sé Pardy, a flight director at Bray Air Display. “To really enjoy the event and to ensure a stress-free journey we are encouraging spectators to use public transport and make a day of it by arriving early. There is so much to enjoy as well as the entertainment in the sky there will be plenty of action on the ground with 22 fun fair attractions, 30 specialist food and craft stalls and live music, so there really is something for everyone.'

For further details and traffic restriction updates for the festival, visit www.brayairdisplay.com

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